I put batteries in my marquee and it doesn't turn on. Is it broken?

How do I replace the mini-LED bulbs?

My child has a favourite animal that you currently do not offer. Can we get one made?

Do your marquees come in other colours besides white?

How are the marquees powered?

What materials are used to make the marquees?


What size are the marquees?

What font style are the marquees?

Are the marquees available in different colours to match the theme of my event?

How are the marquees powered?

Can the marquees stand on their own?

Can you spell anything we want?

Can the marquees be hung on a wall?

How early do I have to book to ensure I get the characters I want?

Are the marquees easy to set-up?

Why do I have to put down a damage deposit?

I am picking up the marquees. Will they fit in my car?

I do not have time to pick-up the rental. Can you deliver to the venue and set them up for me?

I don't live in Toronto. Can I still rent your marquees?


I want my company logo made into a marquee. Can you help me?

How big can you make them?

Do you work with materials other than wood?

Do you offer installation?