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    HypnoBirthing Part 2 - Success Stories

    In a previous post HynoBirthing Part 1: My Birth Story, I wrote about my birthing experience with both my kids.  There are mixed point of views on what moms envision... View Post
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    HypnoBirthing Part 1 - My Birth Story

    My baby Daryl is now ten months old.  Ten months, it has taken me, to finally be able to write about my birthing experience... Both my babies are miracle babies, conceived through IVF.  The entire "getting pregnant" process has been anything BUT natural.  I dreamed of a vag... View Post
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    We Are Hiring!

    We are hiring!  Looking for experienced painter and CNC operator in the Toronto and Vancouver area.  Person must have access to their own spray booth and cutting facilities.  Pay is flexible depending on experience level and will be on a per piece basis.  Approximately 5 to 8 hours per week. View Post
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    My Failed Attempt at Chinese Confinement

    I would like to make a confession.  I CHEATED!  Yup, I totally did. I am Chinese and therefore, am encouraged to abide by the First Month of Confinement rules after giving birth, also known as "zuo yue" in Chinese.  If you haven't heard of such a thing, it entails the new mom being on a very st... View Post
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    LOVED by Blythe | Top 10 Toddler Sleepover Gear

    My husband and I are not great at planning ahead and definitely not the most prepared when it came to having our first child, Blythe.  While people were out setting up baby registries and shopping for baby essentials, we waited and basically decided to "wing it".  One because we were tight on bud... View Post

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Being a mom and a business owner, I have learned to embrace the chaos, to live spontaneously without expectations, to make choices that are beyond what others would call 'normal'.  And along the way, I have been rewarded with many unexpected surprises and failures (yes, failures are rewards in disguise). 

I am a life learner and I like writing.  And this is my blog where I can share both.