• Against All Odds - My Breastfeeding Journey

    When I had Blythe, I was the textbook definition of worst-case breastfeeding scenario.  I had all the odds stacked up against me.  Like many new moms, I was frustrated and angry.  I felt resentment against friends who were complaining to me about engorged breasts and how "messy" it was because th... View Post
  • Happy Valennersary!!

    February 14th 2015 was the day we officially launched our Pulp Function website - three glorious years of growing Pulp Function from a peanut-hobby'ish idea to a fully functioning company that sells handmade decor pieces.  And what is our biggest lesson learned over these three years?  Be open to change! View Post
  • PRESS: BlogTO

    Our marquees were voted by BlogTO as one of the top 30 gift ideas from the One of a Kind Show in Toronto 2016.  We literally did a happy dance in our booth!   View Post