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    LOVED by Blythe | Top 10 Toddler Sleepover Gear

    My husband and I are not great at planning ahead and definitely not the most prepared when it came to having our first child, Blythe.  While people were out setting up baby registries and shopping for baby essentials, we waited and basically decided to "wing it".  One because we were tight on bud... View Post
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    Against All Odds - My Breastfeeding Journey

    When I had Blythe, I was the textbook definition of worst-case breastfeeding scenario.  I had all the odds stacked up against me.  Like many new moms, I was frustrated and angry.  I felt resentment against friends who were complaining to me about engorged breasts and how "messy" it was because th... View Post
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    Happy Valennersary!!

    February 14th 2015 was the day we officially launched our Pulp Function website - three glorious years of growing Pulp Function from a peanut-hobby'ish idea to a fully functioning company that sells handmade decor pieces.  And what is our biggest lesson learned over these three years?  Be open to change! View Post
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    PRESS: BlogTO

    Our marquees were voted by BlogTO as one of the top 30 gift ideas from the One of a Kind Show in Toronto 2016.  We literally did a happy dance in our booth!   View Post
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    PRESS: Design Maze

    Sometimes, as a maker, you have your head in your work and you are so focused on perfecting your product that you forget there is a whole other world out there.  One of the best parts about being at a show is you get to meet so many new faces and share your passion with that whole other world - i... View Post

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Being a mom and a business owner, I have learned to embrace the chaos, to live spontaneously without expectations, to make choices that are beyond what others would call 'normal'.  And along the way, I have been rewarded with many unexpected surprises and failures (yes, failures are rewards in disguise). 

I am a life learner and I like writing.  And this is my blog where I can share both.