• 12" / 18" Alphabet Marquee - Q-Marquee Character-Pulp Function

12" / 18" Alphabet Marquee - Q

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12" / 18" Alphabet Marquee

Letter: Q


When you bring home a new bundle of joy, there are plenty that come with it.  Your days and nights become indistinguishable, you start sentences that you don't end up finishing, you celebrate mundane things like poopy diapers, burps and a shower.  You look forward to putting your head down on a pillow only to jolt up with every little sound coming from her direction.  You endure because your body and heart is fuelled by her gentle touch and her sleepy eyes that say "I need you".

Each of our Alphabet Marquees are made to order with that special someone in mind.  We know how it feels to welcome home a little one, to want to give her every ounce of yourself and make her feel loved and special.  We hope our designs and creations are a reflection of our devotion to you and your family, to creating a space and an environment that offers you comfort and joy through those long days and nights.



- Natural white LED mini lights with an estimated life of 40,000 hours
- On/off switch on side with two modes of brightness 
- Requires:  3AA batteries (not included)
- Hand painted using low VOC paints
- Good for tabletop display or hung on wall


- Energy consumption 2.4 watts
- Dimensions 12" Marquees:  13 inches length x 12 inches width x 1.5 inches depth
- Dimensions 18" Marquees:  20 inches length x 18 inches width x 1.5 inches depth
- Weight: 3 lbs
- Material:  Wood
- Cutout keyholes on back for easy hanging
- Semi-gloss finish for easy maintenance and cleaning

As each piece is handmade and made-to-order, please allow 4 to 6 weeks for completion.



When a customer brings one of our pieces home, we want to ensure they have a delightful experience for the life of the product.  That is why we offer lifetime warranty on the LED lights.  Should you encounter any problems with the LED lights, simply send us an email and we will arrange to have them fixed or replaced for you. 



Pulp Function is an eco-friendly company.  All pieces are made using responsibly sourced Canadian wood and painted using zero to low VOC paints to ensure it is safe for the environment.  All marquees are packaged and shipped using recyclable materials.


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