About Us

Our Story

Pulp Function was started by owner & lead designer Sandy Tam, a paper and wood obsessed photographer who learned, during her five year tenure as an accountant, that she actually had a creative side when she felt a strong urge to colour coordinate all her excel spreadsheets.  She left her cushy accounting position to pursue wedding photography where she met many amazing couples, travelled lots and experienced freedom and happiness that the corporate world never gave her.

While growing her photography business, Sandy's obsession with stationery was slowly brewing in the background as some of her wedding clients commissioned her to design their wedding invitations.  When Sandy was pregnant with her daughter Blythe, she decided to finally take her paper obsession seriously and Pulp Function was born.

Sandy wobbled up and down the aisles of the National Stationary Show to meet her favourite stationery designers.  She was starstruck and she recalled the last time she was this excited was when she booked her first wedding client.  She quickly realized that Pulp Function may be a little more than just a pet project.


The Evolution of Pulp Function Marquees

One day, while chatting with wedding planner friend, Lisa, the topic of marquees came up because it was trending in the wedding industry and many of her clients were asking where they can rent them.  Sandy teamed up with Lisa and made their first prototype out of bristol board, cardboard and glue.  It survived long enough for the event but they thought to themselves - it can be better! 

Into the picture comes Albert, Sandy's husband, who happens to have some carpentry skills up his sleeve.  A very steep learning curve and many embarrassing prototypes later, big LOVE marquee was created.  It debuted at the Rebash Show that same year and was a huge hit.  From there, they were asked to make more alphabets and the next thing they know, they had a garage full of marquees.

Sandy started to experiment with variations of the marquees, adopting different font styles, colours and even shapes!  She wanted her marquees to be of high quality and look contemporary as opposed to the rustic-metal look that is common in the industry.  

Today, Pulp Function's collection of marquees has expanded into what they call Marquee Art, which are marquees in the shape of cute animals, clouds, stars and other objects.  She gets her inspiration from her daughter who seems to like something different every day.


Our Dream

We believe that art and function can go hand in hand.  Creatively and well designed products that arise out of necessity, combined with care and attention to detail, creates a product that will ultimately sell itself.  Our goal is to continue to explore, share and make creative and functional products that will bring enjoyment to our customers each time they see it.