1.  What size are the marquees?

The marquees are 36 inches in height and vary between 30 to 50 inches in width depending on the character.  For example, characters such as the letter M and O can be as wide as 48 inches whereas the letter B is 27 inches wide.

2.  Are the marquees available in different colours to match the theme of my event?

The marquees available for rent are offered in our signature White & Gold colour palette (i.e. white outline on a gold background).  Should you prefer a specific colour to match your event, we would recommend going with the Purchase option.  This allows for full customization of size, font style and colour.  

3.  Can you spell anything we want?

We currently carry at least one unit of each alphabet (A to Z), number (0 to 9) and various symbols.  If the name, word or phrase you have in mind has repeat characters, do get in touch with us to see if they are available.  Depending on the timeframe of your event, we may be able to make the additional characters should we not have them readily on hand.

4.  How early do I have to book to ensure I get the characters I want?

We recommend booking at least one month prior to your event date, especially if the name, word or phrase contains popular alphabets such as the letters A, E, L and O. 

5.  Are the marquees easy to set-up?

Yes indeed!  All our marquees come with D-ring hangers on the back should you decide to hang them on a wall or suspend them from a ceiling.  Our marquees also come with a standing frame if you prefer to sit them on the floor or a flat surface.

6.  Why do I have to put down a damage deposit?

We hope to preserve each of our marquees so that each customer can enjoy our pieces equally and to its fullest.  Minor damage such as scuff marks or broken bulbs can be easily rectified and we do not normally charge for this.  However, should any part of the marquee be damaged beyond repair (e.g. distorted or cracked frame), we will have to charge you for the replacement value of the marquee.  

7.  I drive a regular sized sedan.  Will the marquees fit in my car?

We have included dimensions in the Product Features section of our marquees listing.  The actual size during transport is slightly larger because they come with a custom sized box for protection.  Most sedans can fit up to three marquees in the trunk area.  If you are renting more than three marquees, we recommend coming in an SUV or mini-van.

8.  I do not have time to pick-up the rental.  Can you deliver and set-up for me?

Yes, we can do that!  There is an additional charge for delivery, set-up and teardown of $150 within the GTA.  This includes basic floor or tabletop set-up of the marquees.  For more complicated set-ups such as suspension from a ceiling or wall, please note that for liability reasons, we cannot install anything higher than 8 feet and we cannot hammer nails into the walls of the venue.  For these set-ups, we recommend you get in touch with your venue or decorator.  


9.  I have a company logo that I would like you to make into a marquee.  Can you help me?

Yes, of course!  Send us an email with your logo and a brief description of what you are looking for and we can discuss your options.  Generally, we need to know the approximate size, colour scheme and your lighting preference (e.g. LEDs vs incandescents, battery operated vs electrical outlet).  From there, our designers will be able to offer suggestions and a quote.  

10.  In addition to making the marquee, we would like you to install the marquee for us.  Can you do that and if so, how much do you charge?

It depends on where and how complicated the installation is.  For store signs that are more than 8 feet above ground, we generally cannot do unless there is a scissor lift available on the premises.  We typically quote separately for installation depending on its complexity.  


11.  My child has a favourite animal that you currently do not offer.  Can we get one made?

We love hearing about children's favourite animals and/or characters because we usually take inspiration from that for our next design idea.  If you have something in mind, write to us and it may very well be our next new offering.  Of course, if you don't want to wait or there is something very specific you have in mind, we can also make a custom one just for you.  Send us an email and we can chat about it!

12.  How do I replace the mini-LED bulbs?

The LED bulbs have an estimated life of 40,000 hours.  It should offer you years of usage without the need to replace it.  We include Lifetime Warranty on the LED lights in the case that a bulb is defective and needs to be replaced.  Should the need arise, simply send us an email along with a photograph of the defective unit and we will arrange a replacement for you.